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Hibboux is a concept sleep brand founded by two brothers who understood sleep as more than just lullabies and counting sheep. Serhan and Şölen gained their industry experience and know-how at YATAŞ, which was founded by their family 42 years ago and where they also spent their childhood.

Serhan and Şölen, the second generation representatives of the sector, spent their youth working hard in the factory, playing in the gardens as children, and the education they received gave them the skills to develop the sector. The factory, which started 42 years ago with mattress manufacturing, has evolved over time to become one of the leaders in the sector, developing a vision that enables both global growth and national success. Their education and business life between the USA, Europe and Turkey enabled them to learn about different cultures and gain a transcultural understanding very early on.

All these developments enabled Serhan and Şölen to identify a gap in the large and mixed market they found themselves in. Hibboux's concept of healthy sleep is the result of overcoming traditional moulds and taking a broader view, not only in terms of product and manufacturing, but also in terms of customer service, service quality and the environment.


Şölen Altop

Serhan Sinan Altop

Hibboux's mission is to improve your quality of sleep by optimising the factors that affect your sleep. For this reason, the company has developed the Sleep Elements range, which is inspired by nature and pays attention to human health, as well as using environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

In addition to its products and services, Hibboux aims to reach out to everyone with its customer and environmental perspective by offering this world of sleep at a high level with an affordable pricing policy.

Because healthy sleep is the basis of a fit life and everyone has the right to a good night's sleep!

Our philosophy in product development

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Who is Hibboux?

Hibboux Values

Healthy sleep quality

With our nature-inspired products, we enable healthy sleep quality for everyone. With our Sleeping Elements concept we don't just limit the quality of sleep to a technological mattress, we add health to your sleep experience with all our products, from the duvet cover to the bedspread.

Animal friendly raw materials

We respect the right to life of every living being. For this reason, we do not include products such as goose feathers, silk, leather and hides in our range. We take an animal-friendly approach at every stage of production, from R&D studies to packaging.

Certified, pollutant-free products

Our products contain no harmful chemicals. Using the resources Mother Nature provides us with, Hibboux products bring the tranquillity of nature into your home.

Inspired by the latest technology

We use innovative fabric, spring and sponge technologies in our mattresses We have developed our mattresses to bring your sleep quality to an ideal level by calculating factors such as firmness, comfort, heat retention, moisture and hygiene down to the smallest detail.

1- Buy a mattress on the internet?

It is not our habit to answer a question with a question, but is it possible to buy a mattress in the main shop? If you say that you can't buy a bed without seeing and touching it, you won't know what you are buying until you sleep in it for a few nights, even if you touch it until the morning; so the mattress comes from our website, which actually gives you the opportunity to test it for a long time.

2- Let's say I don't like the bed I bought from you. What will happen then?

You will have exactly 100 nights to decide whether you like it or not, not just a few minutes! Instead of buying a mattress by trying it out for just a few minutes in the shop, you buy it from us and have the opportunity to test it for 100 nights. If you want to return it, we will come directly to your home.

3 - What problems will I face when I return, what are the endless conditions?

It's sad for us that you say you don't like this bed, but it's enough for you to return it. We don't ask for any return conditions. You just tell us you want to return it and we take it back immediately without asking why.

4 - Returning the product bought on the internet is already a problem, how can I return the big bed?

That's the least of your worries! You don't return it, we take it back. Just as we bring your bed to your front door and set it up, we fold it up again and take it away.... You just have to decide whether you like it or not. But the statistics say that 98% of the time you will like it.

5 - Let's just say I liked my bed so much that I didn't want to return it. What if something goes wrong with my bed after the trial period?

Trial periods only apply to unconditional returns. We guarantee our mattresses for 2 years and the springs used for 10 years in the event of a problem caused by us to the product you have purchased.

6 - Do these return and guarantee conditions only apply to mattresses?

We make no distinction between our products, they are all products of ours. Of course, we have great confidence in all our products. We also offer a 30-day unconditional return guarantee on all home textile products.

7 - You say that Hibboux products do not contain harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Do you have any proof of this?

Yes. They even have a certificate. All Hibboux products are OEKO-TEX certified, the most important internationally recognised ecological quality certificate. It is produced without the use of chemicals and carcinogenic substances that are harmful to health.

8 - They are high quality, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly. In that case, shouldn't your products be more expensive?

Actually, we have done without the things that cost you money. We don't have a shop, we don't pay rent, we don't have employees in the shop so there is no salary and no insurance, we don't use electricity, water, natural gas.... Because we don't pass on the money we don't spend to you, we can offer high quality and healthy products at affordable prices.

Have a Peace of Mind for 100 days!

You have exactly one year, 100 days or 2400 hours to decide....

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Have you used it for 100 days and are not satisfied?

No problem, the return is extremely simple

We take your mattress from your door.

You can place your return request via contacting us.

We pay the return amount right away to you.

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